Engineered for years.
Built for generations.

<10min Charge Time
500km WLTP Range
2.8s 0-100km/h
1800kg Weight


Piëch Automotive AG was founded 2017 in Zürich, by Toni Piëch and Rea Stark, and is now based in Zug/ Switzerland.

The first public appearance was marked by the presentation of the concept vehicle Mark Zero at the Geneva Motorshow in 2019.

"There was nothing out there that met my expectations for an electric sportscar"

Toni Piëch, Founder

About us

With a team of experienced professionals, we strive to create the finest automobiles in the world of High-Perfomance Electric Vehicles. These objects shall not only be desirable, but shall serve as a companion, being authentic, performant and honest.

As the automotive world of engineering is transitioning into a new electric era, we are committed to craft THE electric sports cars of the future. We focus on the connection between man and machine, creating an authentic, multisensory sportscar experience and combine this with pure and timeless design.

All this is done by being mindful of the world in which we live in, encountering it with respect and humility. We hope to inspire and to excite likeminded people around the globe, who enjoy our products and witness our actions.


2026 will mark the introduction of our first product, a 2+2 GT sportscar featuring a unique carbon fiber chassis with a breathtaking power output of over 800kW*. The unrivaled power to weight ratio matches the most outstanding internal combustion engine (ICE) high performance sports cars, yet outperforming them in every aspect of driving dynamics.The introduction of proven battery technology and immersion cooling, allows us to address the most critical technical challenges of an EV: This technology makes a repeatable and consistent power delivery and driving experience possible on road and on track. This marks a significant step forward for electric sports car performance and fast charging.

*depending model variation
<10min Charge Time

500km WLTP Range
2.8s 0-100km/h


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