New thinking

new thinking


Piëch Automotive is a German-Swiss automobile manufacturer headquartered in Zurich with another location in Munich. Three-and-a-half years ago, the company’s two founders and owners Toni Piëch and Rea Stark Rajcic came up with the idea to develop a new, flexible vehicle architecture. Their first design was the Piëch Mark Zero, a car to take the fascination of a sports car into the electric age. The Mark Zero is celebrating its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Piëch brand stands for timeless design and state-of-the-art technology that assists but leaves the focus on the human driver. As co-CEO Rea Stark Rajcic points out, “Our aim is to intensify the emotional driving experience using state-of-the-art technology. The technology should be there to assist the driver, not to distract him. And it’s about providing the right sports car feeling: driving, not being driven! Of course, the architecture is also designed for autonomous driving, but we are saving that for later models.”

New thinking

The core team of full-time internal specialists, all of whom possess years of experience in various industries and have worked for some of the biggest automobile manufacturers all over the world, cooperated closely with some 200 external employees to develop the modular vehicle platform that forms the basis for various body types and drive variants.

Piëch Automotive is starting into the age of electric mobility with a clean slate. The company has successfully set up a network of established suppliers and external partners and benefits from the many available supplier innovations on the market.

The modular concept allows Piëch Automotive to keep its vehicles up to date over a longer period of time, as both the software and the hardware (for example, the battery package) an be easily updated and exchanged. At the same time, this structure makes it possible to stay flexible in terms of the chosen drive format: classic combustion engine, different hybrid types, pure electric drive or fuel cell – the architecture of the concept allows it all. As a next step, Piëch Automotive also intends to make this modular structure available to other manufacturers in a B2B business model.

Three vehicle variants are planned: a two-seater, a four-seater and a sporty SUV. Additional variants are also possible. The vehicles will be produced in collaboration with renowned partners possessing years of experience in contract manufacturing. The Piëch Mark Zero will be manufactured and developed strictly in accordance with German quality standards. The decision as to the production partners will be announced at a later date.