hard facts


minutes for 80 percent battery charge


The Piëch Mark Zero isn’t just timelessly beautiful, it also is beautifully ahead of its time. The completely new battery technology offers not only a rapid charging time – thanks to the efficient recuperation, it has a longer driving range as well. Support comes from a radically reimagined charging infrastructure.


WLTP range of 500 kilometers


Curb weight of less than 1.8 tons

The Battery

The Piëch Mark Zero is powered by a completely new battery type that is capable of rapidly accumulating and discharging its energy – and storing this energy in great amounts. These batteries develop hardly any heat when charging and discharging, which allows significantly stronger currents to flow without increasing the battery temperature by more than 15 degrees. This enables the batteries to be air-cooled, and that saves on weight – and makes the car safer. The batteries are mounted in the transmission tunnel and on the rear axle, resulting in an optimal weight distribution for improved driving performance.


The Charging Infrastructure

The exclusive battery technology will soon be available to other manufacturers as well. This will facilitate the joint creation of an efficient charging infrastructure with the possibility of rapid charging. Of course, the Mark Zero can also be recharged using conventional charging stations and plugs.